This can be a tricky situation and you certainly need to get some quick bail bonds. You have no one to call to bail you out, and during your booking you had all your credit cards, money and identification taken from you. They have even taken your cell phone with all your contacts so you don’t even have a number to call. The good news is that you obviously have internet access and that can be a powerful tool to help you.  This is available in some facilities in Texas and other states.

If you have a valid email address, you can start a conversation with a bail bondsman. Look for a website of a bail bondsman, their email addresses are always prominently displayed on their home page. Send them an email and ask what the process is in your situation. Most of them read their email 24 hours a day, so they should get back to you quickly.

If you do not have a valid email account or you have one but the jail internet settings do not allow you to access it, you still have options. Most bail bond websites have communication tools that do not require email. For instance, some have chat rooms so you can interact live with an agent. Most have contact forms that you can fill in and submit. It is important that you provide as much information as possible on this form. Your name, birth date, the charges against you, and where you are being held are necessary to start with. If you have the ability to pay for their bond fees (for instance the jail is holding your credit card but you can’t access it), you should also let them know. Since they can’t contact you back, you will need to provide as much information to them as possible so they can come down to your facility to talk to you.

TIP: a prison official gave me this interesting tip, which even I had not heard of. If you can’t get a bond agent to come to you, some jails allow bond agencies to use 3rd party pick up. The jail will allow an authorized transportation company to take you from the holding facility to the bail bond agency for the purpose of getting bail. You may want to let the bond agent know that you are willing to do this and ask about this in your email to them.

Nothing stated herein should be construed or interpreted to grant rights or remedies not otherwise granted under federal or state law. This information is provided as a public service and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice or representation by a lawyer or bail bondsman. We recommend you email a bail bondsman for more information about your situation.

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