Finding a reliable bail bonding agency is similar to finding any reliable company or service. Fortunately, most are authorized or licensed by the state they are in and there are not many rogue agencies anymore. We suggest contacting more than one bail bond agency. Their email and contact information are always easily found on the home page of their website. If you prefer not to use email, many bail bond websites now have online forms that you can fill out, and they usually try to get back to you immediately.

TIP: many of the agencies that offer bail bonds, Las Vegas in particular, now have 24 hour chat available on their websites.  These enable you to have a private and confidential online conversation with the bail bondsman.

WARNING: While illegal in many if not most states, it is still common in some jurisdictions for bail bondsmen to use less than professional tactics to get business. For example, they may loiter and solicit business by approaching people in the courthouse. On occasion they will actually cold call defendant families looking for business. Another tactic is to pay commissions to jail inmates for “referring” their cell mates to certain bail bond agents. These tactics are designed to prey on people who are desperate. If you come across any of these situations, we recommend you avoid them.

How can I find the best bail bonds?

We recommend starting your search for a reliable bail bond agent by using the following steps:

*Read this site so you have an understanding about how do bail bonds work.

*Review bail bond agency websites. Does the site have clear information about their process? Is it written in a way that makes you feel comfortable? Do they list their fees?

*Call, email or use online chat to get more information. You may want to ask them what jurisdictions they work with. What are their fees? Are there any hidden fees? Will they help guide you through the bail system? What is the process?

*We recommend contacting two or three, and compare your experiences with each. Did they answer your questions? Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they full-service and can provide all the services you may need? TIP: it is possible to use a local bail agent to get bail for someone in a different area, or even a different state. Some bail bonding agencies can transfer bonds from other areas. For example, you live in New York, but your loved one was arrested in Las Vegas. Bail bonds can often be transferred by one bondsman to another, even in a different state. You may not need to travel to the jurisdiction where the arrest occured.

*A bail bond agent that I know in California suggested that you may want to verify if they are licensed and what affiliations they have. For instance if they are in Los Angeles do they belong to the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA), or the Professional Bail Agents Association (PBUS) or perhaps the Orange County Bail Agents Association (OCBAA)?

*After emailing with them, you then may want to visit their street location. Make sure that they have explained (and you understand) everything before entering into a contract.

Should I go with a big agency like Aladdin Bail Bonds, or a smaller family run one?

The answer to this is that even though it is a personal decision, it is best to email more than one, and if size is a concern, you can ask them how many employees they have.  The rule of thumb is that a smaller agency may provide better customer service, so see if you have that impression from the email responses you get. TIP: many agencies wil let you use them for a reference after your time is served. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Nothing stated herein should be construed or interpreted to grant rights or remedies not otherwise granted under federal or state law. This information is provided as a public service and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice or representation by a lawyer or bail bondsman. We recommend you email a bail bondsman for more information about your situation.

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