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Some quick facts about bail bonds Los Angeles

  • Contact a few bail bondsmen to get information about the bail amount, how much it will cost you, and how to decide which bondsman is right for your situation. For detailed steps on this, click here.
  • When you decide on which Los Angeles bondsman to use, they will ask a variety of questions about you, your relationship to the defendant, and about the defendant.
  • For bail in the City of Los Angeles, you will need to fill out paperwork including a bail bond application, and an indemnity agreement.
  • Fortunately, Los Angeles is one of the more flexible places for dealing with the cost of bonding (Los Angeles bail bondsmen refer to this as their premium). Typically the cost is about 10% of the bond amount without collateral. So if the court sets the bond amount at $10,000, the bail bondsman would charge you 10% of that, or $1,000. However, we have found some agents charge less such as 8% if you have collateral. We have even seen 5% but after investigating these firms we have found that they either charge a number of hidden fees, or deceptively charge 5% up front and then add an additional 5% or more later. Some bail bonds agents may be willing to bargain. If you decide you want to try that, we recommend you follow our step-by-step instructions here. Federal bonds and immigration bonds are almost always higher.
  • The premium usually requires to be paid in cash, check or credit card. However, if you don’t have the money up front, you should ask about financing, payment plans and no collateral bail bonds, and financing. Make sure you ask if zero percent financing is available.
  • Some Los Angeles bondsmen will require collateral, typically for bail set at more than $100,000. Generally they will agree to using your home or other property, your car, jewelry and other valuables.
  • We recommend that you get an email from the bail bonds firms with all terms such as the premium charge amount, the upfront TOTAL amount of money you need and ALL potential charges. By getting it in an email, you have a written record of your costs, and don’t have to worry about hidden charges surprising you when you go to sign the contract. It will also allow you to compare fees with different companies. It would not hurt to ask for their California Dept of Insurance Bail Bond License number as well, especially if they are offering a deal too good to be true. You can get their email off websites.
  • Bail agents in the city of Los Angeles typically offer services such as Hablamos Español and 24 hour notary public services.

As you can see Los Angeles bail bond agents offer a lot of different options for bail bonds, and some are confusing. For instance, do they offer financing? And if so is it zero percent? What are the total costs – 8%? 10%? 5%? What about the hidden fees? What are their policies that affect YOU if the defendant doesn’t make a court appearance? In order to compare agents for the best prices, and to keep from getting taken advantage of, we recommend you follow our simple 5 step process found here.

City of Los Angeles Bail Bonds Government Services and Contact Information

Metropolitan Detention Center Los Angeles
Also known as MDC, Metro, the Glass House, and formerly known as Parker Center
This is the largest Los Angeles city jail
535 N. Alameda Street or 150 N. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-485-0439
Phone: 213 485-2555
Fax: 213-253-9510

Inmate Reception Center
450 Bauchet St.
Los Angeles , CA – 90012
Phone: 213 473-6080

77th Street Regional Jail section
7600 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA – 90003
Phone: 213 473-4851
77th St Community Police Station
Same address
213 485-4164

Valley Jail Section (Van Nuys Station)
6240 Sylmar Ave.
Van Nuys , CA – 91401
Phone: 818 756-8358

Devonshire Area Jail (Note: the LAPD has occasionally closed this jail)
10250 Etiwanda Ave.
Northridge , CA – 91325
Phone: 818 756-8266

East L.A. Jail
5019 E. Third St.
East Los Angeles , CA – 90022
Phone: 323 264-4151

Foothill Area Jail
12760 Osborne St.
Pacoima, CA – 91331
Phone: 818 756-8865

2175 John S. Gibson Blvd.
San Pedro, CA – 90731
Phone: 310 548-7617

Hollywood Area Jail
1358 N. Wilcox Ave.
Los Angeles , CA – 90028
Phone: 213 485-5125

Southwest Area Jail (Note: the LAPD has occasionally closed this jail)
1546 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA – 90062
Phone: 213 485-2615
Southwest Community Police Station
Same address
Phone: 213 485-2582

Wilshire Area Jail (Note: the LAPD has occasionally closed this jail)
4861 W. Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA – 90019
Phone: 213 485-4027
Wilshire Community Police Station
Same location
Phone: 213 485-4022

Pacific Division Jail
12312 Culver Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA – 90066
Phone: 310 482-6488
Pacific Community Police Station
Same address
Phone: 310 202-4502

Central Community Police Station
251 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: 213 485-3294

Hollenbeck Community Police Station
2111 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: 213 485-2942

Parker Center – LAPD Headquarters
150 N Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 877 275-5273

LAX SubStation
802 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: 310 646-2255

Newton Community Police Station
3400 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011
Phone: 213 846-6524

Northeast Community Police Station
3353 San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone: 213 485-2563

Rampart Community Police Station
2710 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213 485-4061

South Traffic Division
4125 S Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008
Phone: 213 485-7336

Southeast Community Police Station
145 W 108th St, Los Angeles, CA 90061
Phone: 213 485-6914

University of California, Los Angeles Police Department
601 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: 310 825-1491

West Los Angeles Community Police Station
1663 Butler Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: 310 575-8404

Nothing stated herein should be construed or interpreted to grant rights or remedies not otherwise granted under federal or state law. This information is provided as a public service and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice or representation by a lawyer or bail bondsman. We recommend you email a bail bondsman for more information about your bail bonds Los Angeles situation.

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