Quality no cost 2013 information, tips, and suggestions about Georgia bail bonds.  IMPORTANT: If you need immediate help in Georgia (or anywhere else in the country), click here for our free 5 simple steps bail out plan.

If you need Atlanta bail bonds then also see our Bail Bonds Atlanta page for more detailed information.

Most reputable bail bondsmen in Georgia belong to the Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen.

In Georgia, the fee for a bail bond is 12% if the bond is $10,000.00 or less and 15% if the bond is over $10,000.00. We have heard of some Georgia bail bond agents negotiating this, but as of this writing are not sure if that is above board. There may be additional charges that are assessed from the jails. In Federal Court, the bail bond fee is 15%.

Most bail bondsmen in Georgia will require some for of collateral for the bail. However, there have been some cases where the bail amount was under $50,000 and Georgia bail agents did not require collateral. Because we have heard numerous accounts of Georgia bail bond agents adding additional fees to the bail fee, we recommend you email the bondsman first and get a response regarding the actual costs to you, before entering into a contract with them. TIP: Several Georgia bondsmen we have spoken with have said they are flexible with the types of collateral they will take and one type that no one thinks about are boats. They all said they would take a boat, so if coming up with the collateral is tough, but you know someone who has a boat, then try that.

Important Contact Information For Georgia Bail Bonds And Detention Centers

Baldwin Boot Camp
P.O. Box 218
Hardwick, GA 31034

Burruss Boot Camp
P.O. Box 5849
Forsyth, GA 21029

Hays Boot Camp
P.O. Box 668
Trion, GA 30753

Montgomery Boot Camp
P.O. Box 256
Mount Vernon, GA 30445

Scott Boot Camp
P.O. Box 417
Hardwick, GA 31034

Trenton Probation Boot Camp
P.O. Box 447
Soperton, GA 30457

West Georgia Probation Boot Camp
P.O. Box 6909
Bremen, GA 30110

Phillips State Prison
(Clyde N. Phillips Prison)
Gwinnett County, Georgia
2989 W. Rock Quarry Road
Buford, Ga 30519
Tel.: (770) 932-4500
Fax : (770) 932-4544
Adult Male Felons
Capacity: 1036
Constructed: 1988
Opened: 1990
Security Level: Close

Wheeler Correctional Facility
Wheeler County, Georgia
Private Prison
1100 North Broad Street
Alamo, Ga 30411
Tel: (912)568-1731

Troup County Correctional Institution
(Aka: Troup Cci)
Troup County, Georgia
2508 Hamilton Road
Lagrange, Ga 30240
Tel.: (706) 883-1720
Fax : (706) 883-1744
Adult Male Felons
Capacity: 130
Constructed: 1927
Opened: 1927
Security Level: Medium
Renovated: 1983

Telfair State Prison
Telfair County, Georgia
Post Office Box 549
Helena, Ga 31037
Tel.: (229) 868-7721
Fax : (229) 868-6509
Adult Male Felons
Capacity: 1160
Constructed: 1991
Opened: 1992
Security Level: Close

Washington State Prison
Washington County, Georgia
Post Office Box 206
Davisboro, Ga 31018-0206
Tel.: (478) 348-5814
Fax : (478) 348-5613
Adult Female Felons
Capacity: 856/150 Male
Constructed: 1992
Opened: 1992
Security Level: Close

Valdosta State Prison
(Aka: Valdosta / Lowndes Unit)
Lowndes County, Georgia
Post Office Box 310 /
Post Office Box 5367
Valdosta, Ga 31603
Tel.: (229) 333-7900
(229) 245-6450
Fax : (229) 333-5387
(229) 245-6586
Adult Male Felons
Capacity: 870/316
Constructed: 1988/1956
Opened: 1989/1959
Security Level: Close/Medium
Renovated: 1989

D. Ray James Correctional Facility
Charlton County, Ga
Private Prison
Highway 252
Folkston,Ga 31537

Rogers State Prison
(Richard H. Rogers Prison)
Tattnall County, Georgia
200 Rogers Road
Reidsville, Ga 30453-3000
Mailing Address:
1978 Ga Hwy 147
Reidsville, Ga 30453
Tel.: (912) 557-7771
Fax : (912) 557-7051
Adult Male Felons
Constructed: 1983
Opened: 1983
Security Level: Medium
Renovated: 1989

Jefferson County Correctional Institution
Jefferson County, Ga
1159 Clarks Mill Rd
Route 1, Box 9a
Louisville, Ga 30434
Tel.: (478) 625-7230
Fax : (478) 625-4000
Adult Male Felons
Capacity: 190
Constructed: 1924
Opened: 1925
Security Level: Medium
Renovated: 1990

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