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Important Contact Information For Bail Bonds Atlanta

Fulton County Jail
901 Rice Street, NW
Atlanta, Ga 30318 404.853.2079

Fulton County Jail is run by the City of Atlanta’s Department of Corrections and is sometimes known as the Atlanta City Detention Center. It is the main detention center for defendants waiting for a bail hearing. If you have someone who has just been arrested, this is likely where they are. WARNING: This facility is known for being very busy and it is not uncommon for the release after a bail posting to take several hours. It is advisable to start the bail process as soon as possible if you have someone here.

You can post bond at this facility if you are using cash or money orders. WARNING: Be prepared to pay more than the bail amount because in Atlanta bail bonds also require the following fees due before the defendant is released: State Penalty Assessment – At the time bail is posted and additional fee of 5% if base bond is $100.00 or higher for Peace Officer Annuity Benefit, 10% for Police and Prosecutors Training Fund, and 10% for Indigent Defense Fund. Also an additional fee of 15% for General Cases and/or 20% for Traffic offenses must be paid. These fees are for City Jail and Driver’s Education Training funds. also, three dollars per offense (victim/witness program) must be paid at the time bail is posted. TIP: If you don’t have cash, a little known workaround in getting Atlanta bail bonds is for you or someone you know to post a property bond. All you have to do is take the property deed to the local Sheriff’s Office and they will give you the bail bond in a specially sealed envelope that you can take to the Fulton County Jail to release the defendant. Something they don’t tell you is that you can also do this for more than one defendant at the same time.

Other Atlanta Bail Bond Detention Facilities

USP Atlanta
U.S. Penitentiary
601 McDonough Blvd SE
Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: 404-635-5100
Fax: 404-331-2403

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