I have created this simple step-by-step guide for your emergency situation.

I suggest you take one minute to read this entire page first and then follow these five simple steps one-by-one:

1) Start visiting bail bondsmen websites right now
2) Pick a few that seem reputable and professional
3) Follow my suggestions for what to ask and then contact them by email
4) While waiting for responses, continue learning from this site or continue contacting more bondsmen
5) Pick a bondsman to call and make arrangements for the bail

1) Start visiting bail bondsmen websites right now

Look for websites that have “bail”, “bond”, “bondsman”, or “surety” in the name or description. Visit their sites and look to see if they are professional and that you are comfortable with how they describe and promote their business. Their email and contact information will be prominently displayed on their sites. IMPORTANT TIP: The bail agent does NOT have to be in the same town (or state) of the arrest and detention center.  In fact many can work with other bail agents to arrange bail almost anywhere in the country. This is called a Transfer Bond and is very common. They can often refer you to reliable bail agents in other areas as well. The important thing is to start contacting them now.

2) Contact them nowemail a bail bondsman

I suggest that you email or use a website form to contact at least three bail bondsmen IMMEDIATELY for these reasons:

-They are almost always open 24 hours and respond to email around the clock.

-It gives you a chance to compose your thoughts and ask the right questions upfront.

-You will receive the answers in writing. This is probably the most important reason because in the moment of panic, you sometimes won’t understand or remember everything said in a phone conversation. Also, you will be signing a legal contract with the bondsman so their email response will be important to obtain a written record of all quoted costs. Remember, for a short period of time, you are putting your loved one in their hands, and just pulling a random name out of a phone book does not give you the valuable information about them that you can get from a website and emails.

TIP: I remember when it happened to me, everything seemed a blur after I got off the phone with the bondsman. He talked about a Nebia Hearing, hard collateral, federal bonds, extra fees, and a bunch of things I just plain didn’t understand. When he was saying it, I thought I understood, but after I hung up, I realized I didn’t which made things worse. Don’t let this happen to you – use email and get a written record of what was stated by the bondsman.

3) Put this in the email

If you have it, provide them with any of this information that you may have:

  • Defendant’s name
  • Facility or vacinity they are being held in
  • The charges (if you know)
  • Your relationship to the defendant
  • If you happen to have their birthdate and inmate number then include that information too.

If you do not have any or all of this information, don’t worry, just provide what you have. The bond agents almost always have direct access to the court records database and can look up all the information they need. Ask them what their fees are, what your next steps are and any other questions you may have. They will usually respond very quickly regardless of the day or time.

4) After sending the email

While you are waiting for their response, hit your back button and then pick another bail bonds website and try again.

You can also continue reading this site for more information or email more bail bondsman to get a better selection.

Once you have responses from several, then you can decide which ones you want to email back with more questions (they will be waiting), or to call to start the process.  If you don’t like any of them, continue contacting more bondsmen until you find one you are comfortable with.

Jail can be a dangerous and tramatic place so it is critical to get started now. Stay calm and we wish you the best of luck.

Nothing stated herein should be construed or interpreted to grant rights or remedies not otherwise granted under federal or state law. This information is provided as a public service and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice or representation by a lawyer or bail bondsman. We recommend you email a bail bondsman for more information about your situation.

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